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On the morning of 20th May, 1941, the Germans launched the first airborne invasion in history.  They chose the Greek island of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean. 

"To lose Crete because we had not sufficient bulk of forces there would be a crime";  Churchill in his book "The Second World War"

updated 23/11/08

I have included an obituary of an Captain 'Alfie' Sutton who flew the Taranto raid with Torrens-Spence, and was later on Crete for the evacuation from Sphakia..

Many young men, Allied and German, died on Crete, a long way from home.   If you go to the island on holiday, do take the time to visit the war cemeteries.   I am grateful to Gerald Allcock for letters and photos of his father, PO Stoker Frederick Allcock who died on HMS Juno, 21st May, 1941.  I have added a new online Bookshop to the site, using Amazon facilities.  All transactions are via Amazon (not me!).  There is a permanent link to the store in the navigation bars, like that on the left of this page.
** A new facility has been added; a fully functional Amazon 'bookshop' dedicated to the Battle of Crete.

Two books I have found recently in the National Archive bookshop; one is 'The Fall of Crete 1941: Was Freyburg culpable' by Maj. J.C. Bliss; the other is 'The Battle of Crete: Hitler's Airborne Gamble' by Maj. M.A. Biank.  They are both written as thesis papers as part of degree programs and have good analysis rather than just a regurgitation of factual events.  Both produced by 'Military Library Research (MLRS Books) see 

I have been on a number of battlefield tours with  Richard Holmes, click on the link to see the D-Day and Arnhem tours.

 Follow the link on the left for Richard's latest book about 'Our Boys' in Iraq.





I have added a 'Bookshop' to the site with links to Amazon for those who would like to buy any of the items.  They are normally considerably cheaper than through a high-street bookshop.

The Lost Battle

Some of you may be interested in the Vulcan, an aircraft on which I flew as a Navigator Radar in the 1970's.  I have recently completed a new site covering some of the detail of operating the aircraft.

This osprey book is very good on the topic of Eben Emael.
As well as the Site Map, I have added a page to give a brief overview of the sections of the site, which may help to put the elements into context for those not familiar with the events on Crete in that May of 1941.
Although nothing to do with Crete I have added a couple of pages with photos from a recent tour of the D-Day Beaches and Arnhem with Professor Richard Holmes as guide.  
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